Gold Single Blade Kit
Silver Single Blade Kit

Single Blade Kit

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Using the Metamorphosis™ clip and quick-change clevis these lures allow you to quickly change hooks, trailers, and blades. With this kit sixteen different lure combinations can be created -- all without untying. Consider additional hooks, trailers, and blades for more possibilities. 

Kit Includes:

1/10 oz Lure Body

1/5 oz Lure Body

Fluted Blade (Size 4)

Indiana Blade (Size 5)

Willow Blade (Size 3.5)

French Blade (Size 3)

Bucktail Dressed Treble Hook with Feather (Size 4)

Feather Dressed Treble Hook with Krystal Flash (Size 4)

Undressed Treble Hook with Fluorescent Collar (Size 4)

Extra-Wide Gap Worm Hook with Soft Plastic Grub (Size 2/0)